Korean PerfumeArtboard 1

향 - Korean fragrance

This short project is part of my exploration with Blender to simulate and animate object and materials. In that case, I wanted to play around with liquids.

This design is a concept of what could be a fragrance bottle for a fictive Korean brand. 

The Qlic Camera is a mid format camera with a design that improve the usability and the user interaction. The minimal shape of the housing was prototypes and tested to ensure a perfect grip for such a large camera.   

The back is only composed of a large display. The glass panel on the screen is carved to create tangible area. It improves the experience of the photograph by highlight the main settings. 

The UI of the Qlic Camera is a project on it's own. It is coming very soon. 

Korean PerfumeArtboard 1 copy
Korean PerfumeArtboard 1 copy 2